Mission Youth


Mission Youth, engaging young people, adults and families, exists to spread Christ’s love through missions in the US and abroad serving communities in their specific needs. The encounter with Christ, others, and ourselves transforms and empowers us and those we serve.

What does this look like in Chicago?

Having a wide network of services for those who have fallen behind in society, Chicago offers a unique opportunity for missionaries who want to bring Christ’s love to the peripheries. Mission Youth acts as a bridge so young people with a desire to serve others come together as mission teams, and have an intense experience of self-giving.


Mission Youth and Regnum Christi

Mission Youth is a pastoral program directed by Regnum Christi, an apostolic movement recognized by the Universal Church. At its core, it strives to build Christ’s Kingdom in society through a commitment to holiness, community and apostolate.

Holy Week Family Missions – 2023